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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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elementary school. ktvu's claudine wong joins us live with what she saw on campus and what the district plans to do about it. >> reporter: parents were frustrated about how much superviz there is, site -- supervision there siting a lack of response from officials. 2 investigated and tonight the district agreed more needs to be done. >> reporter: a question of supervision. we talked to more than one parent who said there is not enough. >> i would say 5 to 6 fight as week. we have videos of one girl being jumped by 10 kids. boys and girls. >> we obtained video of the fight, it was from december. one girl goes to the ground and gets kicked and as far as we could see there were no adults tornado stop it. >> who is taking the video? >> the kids. and they are floating every kid in the school had them and
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shown me what is going on. >> reporter: that video was taken here on the back side of the elementary school. we watched recess and saw a lot of kids. for a while we didn't see any adults. no one stopped these two kids from climbing up and over a dugout fence. the principal did eventually come out but when we caught up with him he didn't want to talk to us. we were told all questions had to goo the district gash go to the district. after going -- go to the district. after going to the district, the district looked at scattered reports and they say that second look has convinced them that there is room for improvement. tomorrow two people are going to head to the school from the district office. one to look at staffing and the other to discuss anti-violence
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programs. they are looking to increase staff and will hold a meeting wednesday. parents should get a letter later this week. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. an industrial fire today gutted a garage for one of the oldest cab companies in the bay area. >> it sounded like gunfire going off as flames exploded inside the warehouse. news chopper 2 flew over the site an hour ago and you can see there how the roof collapsed under the strain of the flames. the warehouse is located on gerald avenue and the fire could be seen from highway 101. ktvu's david stevenson is one of the first on the scene and live now where fire crews are still mopping up. david? >> reporter: look behind me,
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you can see what is a shell of a warehouse. the good news is most of the smoke went up and away from bay area neighborhoods. >> reporter: the flames and smoke could be seen around san francisco and the bay area. >> all i know is it was in flames. people are running out. run, run. i don't know what happened. >> reporter: explosions rocked this warehouse on gerald avenue before noon. they use the space to outfit taxies. a dozen cars were destroyed. but no employees were injured. >> there is a propane tank. >> reporter: 100 firefighters responded and urged onlookers
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to stay a safe distance. >> you can imagine had oils, the medals, the paints. >> the bay area air quality management district said it didn't issue an advisory because most of the smoke went up and dissipated. they said it didn't register significant changes. >> clear day. dissipating. >> reporter: and at this hour the investigation is underway into the cause. firefighters spent 3-1/2 hours here watering it before it was knocked out. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage continues on you can watch raw video of the fire and get the latest as investigators work to try determine the cause. new information about the b.a.r.t. train derailment. we obtained new photos of the tracks and you can see how
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mangled they are. ktvu's allie rasmus has been talking with investigators and learned b.a.r.t. already ruled out one possible cause. >> reporter: investigators have ruled out train operator error as the cause of the derailment but it will take several days to figure out what went wrong. let's show you the new pictures that show the mangled tracks and debris after the derailment friday evening. we learned they will be looking at whether wear and tear on this section of track may have caused the problem. it happened friday evening where two sections of track crossed ov. each b.a.r.t. car has two sets of wheels. friday the first set of the wheels, the back set did not crossover and the train jumped the tracks.
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why that hap established the focus of the -- happened is the focus of the investigation. in 2011 the same issue happened with where first wheels went one direction, the back set went another knocking the train off track. >> i think it is concerning it happens anywhere. whether it is the same spot at all. whether it happens at all is concerning. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. and california public utilities commission are in charge of the investigation and we asked both for their final reports on the 2011 derailment and we are waiting for them to release that information to us. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. this is the latest in a string of problems for b.a.r.t. on july 1 last year b.a.r.t.'s
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unions went on strike and workers went on strike again. two b.a.r.t. workers were hit and killed while inspecting the tracks and october 23 a fire started underneath a train. and in december a train's emergency breaks locked up filling the cars with fumes. work resumed today at a san francisco construction site where two carpettenners fell friday. both are expected to recover. one fell from 40 feet. another from 30 feet. as they were installing the scaffolding. inspectors declared the work site is once again safe. officials confirm another flu related death. that brings the total to 15, more than twice the amount of any other bay area county. deaths have been confirmed in all 9 bay area counties. breaking news right now, a
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senator just entered a not guilty plea to construction charges. he was indicted last week for taking $100,000 in bribes. authorities say he accepted kick backs from a long beach hospital official who was exploited laws. he also took bribes from a hollywood studio that was part of an fbi sting operation. they called called for his resignation. >> the senate has the right and the power to make him leave. i hope they take that vote. i hope they will take fraction the state. >> he surrendered to authorities today. he faces 395 years in prison if convicted. new at 6:00 p.m. there could be new choices of healthier meats coming to bay area supermarkets. when the government shut down a
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slaughterhouse it sent shock waves through the northern california beef industry. but ktvu's ken wayne tells us the closure has opened up a new opportunity. >> reporter: after national recalls, many cattlemen were faced with higher prices. >> we will be starting from scratch. >> reporter: david evans purchased the plant and has plans to reorganize the operation. >> i am planning to operate the facility for private branding specialty sustainable meat products. we are not doing commodity trading. >> reporter: high quality specialty brands for the north bay. >> this is the connection. this is what keep rural communities thriving so people
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in the city could feel good the resources are managed creately. >> i tend to look -- correctly. >> i tend to look at the quality. >> they found customers who pay attention to their food choices. >> you can buy packaged meats but is it worth it to say what is in the meat? >> reporter: for others it is about cost. >> i go by price. you can cut off the fat if you want to. [ laughter ] >> you know? everything else is good enough. >> reporter: he plans to rehire a dozen or so workers. and plans to offer sheep, big and goat meat in addition to beef. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. some restaurant owners are joining forces to roll back a
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law. on january 1 law required food service workers wear gloves so their bear hands don't touch the foods. he wants to revert back that asks to minimize contact to food and use proper washing technique. >> protecting food safety, our law should not be about gloves and hands, it should be ensuring the food stays clean and uncontaminated. >> he says the requirement place as burden on many restaurants and bars. doctors are givish -- giving us an update on a virus. ktvu's john fowler joins us live with an update on what doctors know and how concerned parents should be. >> apple's latest operating system has a flaw and now the fix may be creating a new set of problems. >> after the break i am tracking rain in the bay area. i will have the time line and how it will impact your
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apple released a patch to fix a security bug in its system. if you have a mack computer you are also vulnerable. it could allow hackers to intercept communications. some people are reporting problems with apple's patch. they say it is causing their phones to freeze up. apple says it is working on a patch for its mack computers. one dollar toll increase is expected for the golden gate bridge. officials want to raise it $1 on april 7. it would be $7 if you don't have a fast track, $6 if you do. the toll would increase another
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dollar by 2018. that will leave the district with a $20 million deficit. officials are expected to approve the plan friday. spectacular day around the bay area today. felt like a warm spring day but things are changing. our chief meteorologist bill martin with a look at when the rain is coming. >> it is february, good thing we have rain. it will be in here next couple days. golden gate bridge, there is the fog returning to the area. it was clear all day at the coast. warm temperatures. these are the highs we logged. 73 concord. 79 morgan hill. gilroy 80 degrees. there is the weather system i am tracking. the system is one of two. it is a nice looking one. the one behind it will be stronger. we will get rain, wind, clouds and what we need. a lot of weather into the next 48 to 72 hours. this radar will be lit up
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tuesday night into wednesday. tomorrow is a transition day with more clouds moving in the afternoon. temperatures cooler than they were today. the computer model tomorrow does this. 6:00, clouds, tuesday morning, oli. fog along the coast. -- morning, fog along the coast. the beginning of the change. the commute tomorrow is dry. morning commute dry. afternoon commute dry but not wednesday. wens afternoon wolf be wet -- wednesday afternoon wet. 1 to 2 inches. system 2, 3, 4 inches. in the coastal hills. computer model sets us up wednesday at 2:00 p.m. got to work. roads are dry and starts to rain. noon time for some. pushes in. there is the afternoon commute. that is the big deal. this will be good water.
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half inch. that will get you standing water and slow traffic. thursday morning wet on the roadways. a break on thursday. friday the next system pushes in. 68 napa. 70 fairfield. 71 brentwood. 67 san jose. 68 in morgan hill. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view here it is. number one. number two. number one, that is where w the afternoon commute, thursday. and friday all over and into saturday morning. friday is more powerful. the massive storms? no, just good february storms. what you expect. we will get rain and i think people will be driving slow on the commutes. >> all right. thank you. live right now, we have developing news from stanford. we have been telling you about a virus that is partially paralyzing some children.
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doctors at stanford hospital are talking about this virus. i believe this girl may be one of the victims of the virus. let's hear what doctors are saying. >> they listened to her. they thought it was asthma. on the way home she started vomiting. there had been a stomach bug that was going around. we thought that was what she was experiencing. we stayed with her. she was sick throughout the evening. i stayed in contact with our doctor and in the morning we -- i took her to the er because she didn't seem okay and she was admitted to the icu. difficulty breathing. she was given a treatment and we at that point she stayed 24 hours in the icu and we were
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admitted to the floor where they treat patients with asthma. it was thought she had asthma. and then we were -- we were -- we were -- we left the hospital after four days and the next day we had a follow up with her doctor and right away the doctor thought, you know what, sounds like pneumonia so we will start abtibiotics. as we were leave -- antibiotics. as we were leaving -- >> we are listening to a press conference involving a mystery virus that sickened 25 children in california. five children have been treated in the bay area. john fowler is standing by talking with doctors and lisbing in. john -- listening in. john, what have you learned? >> reporter: what you have been listening to is the voice of
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the mother of a child. we will look at them now. she has apparently a rare complication of what may be a common viral infection. they have seen 25 cases around california. she had a lung infection at 2 and then doctors said she developpened paralysis. let's listen -- developed paralysis. let's listen to the doctor. >> the prognosis is not good. most children haven't recovered use of their arm or leg. we want to emphasis this is extremely rare. >> reporter: doctors say this apparently on a slight increase over what they have seen in the past. it is possibly associated with
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a virus, same family as polio tool is not polio -- but it is not polio. so thar they haven't been able to identify it but -- so far they haven't been able to identify it. but there have been outbreaks world wide of similar viruses and they are asking patients and physicians to be on the look out for similar systems and to report it to the centers for disease control and prevention as well as to state hospital and state health officials. they are trying to figure out whether or not there really is a significant increase. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you very much. we are working to get more information on the virus. we will get more for you coming up tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news. he dubbed himself the
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milestone is being
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celebrated for the leukemia slayer. this is jacob. he calls himself the leukemia slayer. he was diagnosed in 2010 and today he had his last chemo therapy treatment. now he wants to help other kids. he raised $11,000 for childhood cancer research and he is organizing a celebration where he plans to hand out gifts to other kids with cancer. mark is here now with sports. warriors in detroit tonight, in progress. >> trying to keep their win streak moving but this is their first of big road trip. it is going all right. nobody really wrapped this thing up. into the court, steph curry and the rare three, plus a foul. good with it. turns it into a four-point
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play. the pistons owning the inside. like andrew bogan isn't around. andre drummen. gets up and down. thompson helping the warriors as well. clay is leading the warriors with 15. hits a three right there. they are entering the 4th quarter. detroit leading 82-81. the olympics are over. and that means it sharks are about ready to return to the ice. working it out today as they get ready for philadelphia in philadelphia on thursday. the post olympic sharks should be healthy. only guy out is hurdle. dan boyle who sustained this hit could use the rest more than anybody and he says they are ready to go with the regular season. >> say whatever you want, you do anyway, i read the articles this will be good for me. how i have been struggling all year. statistically things weren't
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good last month but oddly enough i think -- i played pretty well. >> hopefully i will benefit from the break like everybody else. >> healthy and ready to go. thursday is the first game. >> i watched the gold medal over the weekend. so-so. thank you. >> thank you. we are always here for you on, football and twitter. >> thank you for joining us. have a great night. we will be back tonight at 10:00 p.m. good night. >> good night. [dad] [laughs]
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today, sam riley kicked a soccer ball, and it hit another kid so hard, his eye popped out. awesome. really? his eye popped out? well, got to hit the sack. big saturday tomorrow. that's right. it's somebody's birthday. not just that -- the ipad comes out on my actual birthday. it's like steve jobs and god got together to say, "we love you, phil." what is so great about that doohickey, anyhow? "doohickey," elly may? it's a movie theater, a library, and a music store all rolled into one awesome pad. a library is a place where people get books. a movie theater is a place where people go on dates. i better load the beach chair into the trunk. i'm gonna need it for the line in the morning. wait, honey, hang on. you can't spend your birthday in line. well, not the whole day. i have to be there at 6:00, or forget about it,


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